Manufacturer of Rock Bolt System

Sinorock® is an experienced manufacturer of rock bolt system. It’s specialized in the development, production and sales of rock bolt system

Self Drilling Rock Bolt SystemSelf Drilling Rock Bolt System

Corrosion Protect SystemCorrosion Protect System

Stainless Rock Bolt SystemStainless Rock Bolt System

Typical Applications

Tunneling Projects

Tunneling Projects

a. Xi’an-Chengdu High-Speed Railway Construction
b. Beijing-Fuzhou Railway Construction
c. Qingdao Jiaozhou Bay Tunnel Gotthard Tunnel
d. Wuhan Drainage Tunnel

Mining Projects

Mining Projects

a. Australia Mining Project
b. Daliuta Coal Mine
c. La Zanja Mine.
d. Stabilize Fault Zone of a Canadian Mine

Hydroelectric Station

Hydroelectric Station

a. Baihetan hydro-power station
b. Pakistan NJ Hydroelectric Project
c. Malaysia HuLu Hydroelectric Station
d. Nepal Melamchi Water Supply Project
e.Nepal Upper Tamakoshi Hydroelectric Project
f. Ecuador Minas Project

Civil Construction

Civil Construction

a. Shanghai-Kunming high-speed railway construction
b. Ecuador Topo Project
c. Canada Ground Anchor Project
d. Russia Sochi Winter Olympic Games, 2014
e. Korea SAMSUNG Project

Why Choose Us?


Authoritative certification

Powerful Equipment

a. A series of advanced rock bolt production lines
b. Accessories processing equipment
c. An entire set of rock bolt testing equipment
d. Great advantages in hardware facilities

A comprehensive service system

a. 7*24 hours online consultation
b. Great products packaging solutions
c. Using and technical support
d. Professional after-sales service

Professional Team

a. Dedicated production team b. Professional research and development team c. Dynamic and creative sales team d. Considerate after-sales-service team