Natural Factors of Influencing Subgrade Settlement
Natural Factors of Influencing Subgrade Settlement

Natural Factors of Influencing Subgrade Settlement

Subgrade settlement refers to roadbed appearing settlement phenomenon because of outside force or self gravity action. Natural factors should be surveyed in advance and reinforcement methods should be carried out in time to avoid collapse and other security accidents.

1. Geographical condition.

Terrain, landscape and altitude will influence not only plan and design of route, but also design of subgrade.

2. Geological condition.

Rock variety and weathering degree, stratum strike, inclination, stratification, thickness, joint development degree and fault, unfavorable geology all have certain influence on stability of subgrade.

3. Climatic condition.

Air temperature, humidity, sunlight, rainfall, frozen depth, evaporation capacity, wind power and direction will together influence subgrade hydrologic regime. Besides, climate has seasonal variation, also terrain will influence climate, such as top and foot of mountain, south slope and north slope. These differences will influence stability of subgrade seriously.

4. Hydrological and hydrogeological condition.

Hydrological condition refers to surface runoff, flood level, ordinary water level and dropsy. Hydrogeological condition refers to underground water level, underground water moving situation, interlayer water and spring water, etc.

Through analysis of natural factors of influencing subgrade settlement, supporting measures should be used to reinforce it.

Rock bolts, as a new supporting method, adopt various processing technologies, materials and sizes to suit for many different geological conditions. Seriflux bonds rock bolts with surrounding rock and soil tightly, which can play firm support effect.

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