Self Drilling Rock Bolt Design in Underground Projects
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Self Drilling Rock Bolt Design in Underground Projects

The general requirements of self drilling rock bolt design in underground projects are reliable technology and reasonable economy. So, there are some points in both engineering design and construction.

1. During site selection, design and construction, methods should be chosen to ensure rock body not loose.

2. Adjusting and controlling rock body’s deformation rationally and effectively to develop self supporting capacity and self drilling rock bolt’s bearing capacity.

3. During design and construction, self drilling rock bolt should be unified as a whole with rock body to play the common function of both.

4. Confirming the class level of rock body, obtaining its mechanical parameters to guide design and construction.

5. Under different geological structure, rock mass classification and mechanical property, different supporting ways should be chosen according to different calculation and design methods.

6. Combining geological exploration, design, construction and monitoring together, adjusting design parameter to make structural form accord with actual construction.

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