Some Notices About the Construction of Rock Bolt
Some Notices About the Construction of Rock Bolt

Some Notices About the Construction of Rock Bolt

Rock bolt is a kind of supporting technology in geotechnical engineering. It drills surrounding rocks with a certain distance, direction and depth, then it is put into the drill hole and at last, grouting and fixing are carried on.

Rock bolt has the effect of binding, combining and reinforcing surrounding rocks. It helps to improve rocks’ self-intensity and self-stability, lighten self-gravity, and ensure safety and stability of projects. So most countries in the world have began to use this kind of technology.

To avoid occurrence of engineering accident, extend life of rock bolts’ structure and enhance projects’ reliability and security, we should not only adopt high-quality rock bolt products, but also pay attention to some notices about the construction of rock bolt.

1. Engineers should organize and design construction schemes according to the conditions of geology, and then choose reasonable drilling method.

2. Constructors should operate and assemble rock bolt correctly, ensure the quality of installing anchor bolt.

3. Constructors should control the proportion of cement paste and cement mortar strictly according to the demand of design and confirm that equipment and pipelines are in good condition.

4. According to rock bolt, correct anchorage device should be chosen. Every rebar of rock bolt should be connected firmly, avoiding separation.

5. The running parts of every machine should have security protection equipment. Electrical equipment should be put on the ground and operated by professional workers.

6. Constructors should wear safety helmets on the spot, concentrated and complied with security rules.

7. The drilling machine should installed with reliable reaction equipment.

8. When drilling at the underground aquifers, blowout preventer should be installed at the orifice of hole. Once it occurs leakage, the orifice can be sealed in time.

9. After grouting, pull-out test should be done.

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