Superiority of Self Drilling Hollow Anchor in Coal Mine Tunnel

Superiority of Self Drilling Hollow Anchor in Coal Mine Tunnel

1. Self drilling rock anchor can enhance supporting effect of roadway.

Self drilling rock anchor and rock mass bonded together to improve its integrity.

For unstable stratum, it has suspension effect. Based on pretightening force, compress rock beam is formed, which prevents separation layer effect of stratified rock mass, increases friction force among rock stratum and improves bearing capacity of rock stratum.

Self drilling anchor changes stress state of surface rock, translating two-side stress state into three-side.

2. Self drilling rock anchor changes passive support into active support.

Under weak, broken and deformation conditions, self drilling rock anchor and spray layer give stratum certain supporting strength, which composes supporting system with stratum. With increasing of surrounding rocks, supporting force is strengthening.

3. Decreasing roadway maintenance.

Self drilling rock anchor support can reinforce surrounding rock timely and decrease deformation, preventing roof early separation layer and rib spalling.

4. Simplifying end support and advance support of working face.

The application of self drilling rock anchor can create good condition for rapid propulsion of working face and improvement of production and benefit.

5. Eliminating potential security risk.

If there is interstice between shed frame and roof, coal is easy to happen spontaneous combustion. When installing and withdrawing shed frame and holder at large section or working face, roof falling and casualty accident will be occurred in large areas.

6. Reducing supporting cost.

Adopting self drilling rock anchor can save materials, such as steel and wood. It can also reduce labor intensity and auxiliary traffic volume.

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