The Meaning of Rock Bolt Reinforcing Foundation Soil
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The Meaning of Rock Bolt Reinforcing Foundation Soil

Rock Bolt is one of effective supporting methods to reinforce foundation of civil construction. It relies on bonding strength between soil layer and rock bolt structure to provide bearing capacity. It is widely applied in engineering structures which needs stress to transfer in stable soil body.

There are 5 points for the meaning of the foundation treatment with rock bolts:

1. Enhancing foundation soil’s shearing strength.

Shear failure of foundation mainly reflects on following aspects: bearing capacity of foundation soil is not enough, structure is unstable because of eccentric loading and soil lateral pressure, foundation is upheaval because of filled earth or buildings’ load, slope instability when excavation. To prevent shear failure, some measures should be adopted to increase foundation soil’s shearing strength.

2. Reducing foundation soil’s compressibility.

Foundation soil’s compressibility reflects on big differential subsidence. Filling, and building load makes foundation consolidation settlement. Excavation of foundation pit arouses surrounding ground uneven settlement. Reducing foundation soil’s compressibility aims to enhance foundation soil’s modulus of compression and then reduce foundation soil’s subsidence.

3. Improving foundation soil’s permeable character.

During foundation excavation process, because of movement of underground water, it’s easy to occur leakage and even piping, so, rock bolt is adopted to reduce water pressure.

4. Improving foundation soil’s dynamic property.

Foundation soil’s dynamic property mainly reflects when earthquake, traffic load or piling occur, surrounding foundation appears vibration and subsidence. So, adopting rock bolt support to improve vibration performance and enhance foundation’s earthquake resistance capacity.

5. Improving special soil’s bad foundation character.

This point mainly aims to eliminate or decrease foundation soil’s collapsibility and expensive soil’s swell-shrinkage property.

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