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Product quality is the cornerstone of brand value. Quality reflects the technical content and culture of an enterprise, and represents the credibility and image of an enterprise.

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Sinorock Send a Studying Group to Join the LeadershipTraining

Last week, Sinorock sent a studying group to join the leadership training. It indicates that our company put one of annual subjects—extroverted thinking into practice. Each of the group member, who are all our department managers, learned a lot from this training. Afterwards, Sinorock held sharing session of organization leadership. The studying group shared the most impressing feelings one by one, and every management staff listened to it and took notes carefully.

Leadership is not a banquet, but a long practice. Success is to do what will make yourself grow before you are a leader, while success is to do what will make others grow after you are a leader. You must have different communicating methods toward different subordinates and you also should have to pay attention to some interpersonal details such as the way you speak to your colleagues and so on. 

In 2015, our company encourages us to go out actively. Go out of the personal small circle, go out of Luoyang, go out of Henan, and even go out of country. Get into the industry field and get close to the customer to try to provide effective solutions. Only by this can we undertake a mission and  lead us toward a brighter future.