The Depression and Stimulation in The Construction Industry of UK and Austraila

Brexit has not only brought uncertainty to UK politics, but also affected the country's economic development, the depressed growth rate of construction industry is just a typical example. The economic director of UK Construction Products Association said that UK construction output is slowing, and there are signs predict that the construction industry will facing a tough winter next year. On the contrary, Australia's construction industry has advanced by leaps and bounds among this year, infrastructure, commercial buildings and residential buildings growing savagely, making the Australian Performance of Construction Index (PCI) increased by 4.5 points to 60.5 in July 2017, which represents the highest level in 12 years.

self drilling bolt

Seamless Steel Tube’s Quality Inspection Methods

As self drilling bolt’s raw material, seamless steel tube’s quality must be completely inspected according to product standard and technical specification. Specific inspection includes steel tube’s chemical component analysis, geometric dimension inspection, surface quality inspection, physical and chemical properties inspection, processing property inspection, metallographic analysis, thread inspection and measurement. The purpose is to ensure quality of steel tube and meet relevant standard code or technical condition requirement.


Reason Analysis of Tunnel Deformation

During tunnel construction, deformation often happens. Observing from tunnel surface, there are cracks, shedding phenomenon or underground water dropping appearing. If reason doesn’t get analyzed and maintained timely, worse deformation will happen.

self drilling anchor system

General Requirement of Self Drilling Anchor System’s Inclination

Self drilling anchor system’s inclination should be 15°~25° horizontal downward, no large than 45°. With increase of inclination, horizontal component of self drilling anchor system decreases. Too large inclination will reduce anchoring effect and increase vertical component on supporting structure, which will also cause settlement of retaining structure and surrounding foundation. To use self drilling anchor system’s pulling resistance effectively, self drilling anchor system should parallel with direction of side pressure effect.

hollow bar

SDA Bolt Supporting in Urban Loose Stratum

During urban engineering construction, loose stratum with scree and gravel has often been encountered and mortar rock bolt is often used. But it is easy to happen hole collapse, difficult to insert and other problems, then casing pipe should be needed, which reduces construction efficiency. On the other hand, slurry will not full and supporting effect is poor. While SDA bolt can overcome problems during installation and grouting of urban loose stratum.